Deadspin Punts the NFL on CBS Crew

Deadspin’s vicious take-down of the NFL on CBS Studio crew applies equally well to most pre/post game broadcasts… with the NBA on TNT as one very notable exception…

This blackout should serve as the turning point, the moment in history when a network executive finally puts his foot down and says: “Why are we doing this? Why do we spend gobs and gobs of money on ex-players and ex-coaches who can’t fucking talk?” What is the point of Dan Marino? Seriously, WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT? If he were fired tomorrow, would you miss him at all? You probably wouldn’t even notice him until he knocked up your niece. A decade ago, The New York Times estimated that Marino makes $2 million a year from his broadcasting duties. That’s $2 million—more than 70 times the median annual wage in America—for nothing.

via It Took A Blackout To Show You How Truly Useless NFL Broadcasters Are. Let’s Blow Up The Studio..

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