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Rotowire Draft Kit: Offseason Moves – Eastern Conference

With the NBA’s new CBA bringing teams closer and closer to paying bigger fines for exceeding the salary cap, player movement and contract negotiations were framed in a different light this offseason.

Couple ownership salary cap concerns with the unprecedented number of front office and coaching changes that took place this offseason, and the flood gates opened to provide a heaping helping of intrigue going into the 2013-14 season.

So, where did all of those free agents and misfit players end up up at the end of the offseason? Let’s take a look at the Eastern Conference offseason moves.

via – Fantasy NBA Draft Kit: Offseason Moves – Eastern Conference.

Working the Wire: Sell High on Irving, Rubio?

I tend to avoid rookies in fantasy NBA leagues – for a variety of reasons. Their playing time can be hard to predict. First year guards tend to struggle with turnovers – a big problem in some leagues. And the NBA game can be a major learning experience for rookie fours and fives; many are used to getting by on size and strength alone and have to learn how to compete against players they can’t simply out-muscle.

This season, I was even more skeptical of the rookie class. On top of the normal challenges first-year players face, this year’s rookies didn’t have the Summer League or much of a training camp to get ready for the NBA. And the compressed, lockout-shortened schedule means teams have very little in-season practice time. As such, I missed out on some rookies that have been absolutely outstanding to this point, including Kyrie Irving, Ricky Rubio, and MarShon Brooks.

Regrets? I have a few. But then again… missing out on Irving and company might not turn out to be as bad a decision as it looks right now. The rookie wall is looming.

Full column here: Working the Wire: The Compressed Schedule and the Rookie Wall (Rotowire subscription required)

Sessions to Knicks Unlikely

The Knicks like Ramon Sessions. It is known.

Sessions is on the trading block. And New York needs help at the point. Match made in heaven, right? Marc Berman seems to think so. He suggested that Glen Grunwald might be able to acquire Sessions for Toney Douglas:

If the Knicks ever got Sessions from Cleveland, it would be a boon for D’Antoni’s job security. Toney Douglas’ option for next year was picked up at $2 million, so he could be of interest to the Cavaliers.

via – Knicks could pursue Cavaliers guard Sessions.

There are a couple of problems with that scenario. The biggest? Sessions’ salary. According to Hoopshype, he’ll make $4.2 million this season. Douglas is making just $1.1 million. With the Knicks over the salary cap, they’d need to match the incoming and outgoing salaries to make the deal.

That brings us to the second problem. The Knicks’ current salary structure looks like this: Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler are making a whole lot of money, while the rest of the team makes practically nothing. To match the salaries, Glen Grunwald would need to include, say, Renaldo Balkman ($1.6 million) and Bill Walker ($900k). That’d still be a pretty good deal… if Cleveland wanted any part of Balkman.

Landry Fields is playing very well – what about using him in a deal? He makes even less than Douglas – just $788k this season. Jerome Jordan might generate some interest, but he makes just $473k. And the players signed as free agents this year – Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, Steve Novak, Jared Jeffries and Jeremy Lin – can’t be traded until March. (And none of them make very much money either.)

Now, unlikely doesn’t mean impossible. Grunwald could enlist the help of a third team that’s under the cap and willing to absorb some of the excess salary. But those teams are usually compensated with draft picks, and the Knicks don’t have a lot of those to throw around either.