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Should ‘Melo Stay Or Should He Go?

New on @TheKnicksWall – @tarmosino and I discuss Carmelo Anthony’s free agent decision… and where he might land if he did leave the Knicks.

I’d … have a very hard time turning down $34 million-and-change. And that’s exactly what ‘Melo would be doing by signing elsewhere. My guess? Carmelo signs for something very close to $129M and the Knicks use the cash freed up by Stoudemire and Chandler’s expiring deals to rebuild around him. Maybe, just maybe, if this season is an absolute disaster, I might envision a scenario where Anthony bolts for the Lakers, but I seriously doubt that happens.

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Waiver Wire: Is Dwight the Problem?

Many thought this Lakers team was a mortal lock for the Western Conference Finals, if not the NBA Finals. I had them losing to Oklahoma City in the West Finals, primarily because of the Steve Nash/Russell Westbrook defensive matchup, but why quibble – even projecting them to make the conference finals was a gross over-estimation of their collective ability. They stumbled out of the gate, getting Mike Brown fired in the process, and have yet to show any sign that they’ll turn things around.

The Lakers have a host of problems, but many of them can be traced back to Dwight Howard. He’s been an awful fit playing alongside Kobe Bryant. He doesn’t like being a complementary player on the offensive end – even though he’s probably the Lakers’ fifth-best scorer. His presence has pushed Pau Gasol out of position. Gasol has been ineffective playing the four, fallen out of the starting five, and like Howard, taken to sulking about his role.

What’s Mitch Kupchak to do? He may have an out. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but according to reports, Dwight Howard is unhappy, isn’t sure what he wants to do with his next contract, and may be traded at the deadline. It might make an awful lot of sense for Kupchak to cut his losses and see what he can get for Howard, rather than risk losing him for nothing in the offseason. A deal sending Howard to his hometown Atlanta Hawks could bring back Josh Smith, a deal that might make sense for both teams.

Of course, there’s a very real possibility that Jim Buss was the real force behind the Howard trade, which could complicate matters significantly. Not to mention Howard’s lingering shoulder injury, which caused him to leave Wednesday’s game. (He should be back in action on Friday.)

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Chris Paul, David Stern and the Trade that Wasn’t

There’s been a lot of talk about how David Stern over-stepped by nixing the Chris Paul trade. My take? I the commish over-stepped – by a pretty substantial margin. But I also think this is a unique situation, and one unlikely to be replicated.

  • The league has been managing the Hornets for the last year, after taking ownership from George Shinn in December 2010.
  • Their stated goal at the time was to relieve Shinn of the burden of day-to-day operations (and associated operating losses) while seeking a new owner… ideally one that would keep the team in New Orleans.
  • The expiration of the CBA and the lockout may have delayed the search for a new owner… though one could argue that the Sixers and Pistons were sold during the same period without any trouble. (One could also argue that Stern opted to keep control of the Hornets to enhance the league’s bargaining position during the labor negotiations.)

So this wasn’t a situation where Stern was an impartial third party. The league owns the Hornets, which put Stern in a unique position to block the deal.

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