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Chris Paul, David Stern and the Trade that Wasn’t

There’s been a lot of talk about how David Stern over-stepped by nixing the Chris Paul trade. My take? I the commish over-stepped – by a pretty substantial margin. But I also think this is a unique situation, and one unlikely to be replicated.

  • The league has been managing the Hornets for the last year, after taking ownership from George Shinn in December 2010.
  • Their stated goal at the time was to relieve Shinn of the burden of day-to-day operations (and associated operating losses) while seeking a new owner… ideally one that would keep the team in New Orleans.
  • The expiration of the CBA and the lockout may have delayed the search for a new owner… though one could argue that the Sixers and Pistons were sold during the same period without any trouble. (One could also argue that Stern opted to keep control of the Hornets to enhance the league’s bargaining position during the labor negotiations.)

So this wasn’t a situation where Stern was an impartial third party. The league owns the Hornets, which put Stern in a unique position to block the deal.

via About Basketball: Chris Paul, David Stern and the Trade that Wasn’t.

Chris Paul Trade Rumors and Reading Between the Lines

Earlier today, I was pretty convinced that Chris Paul would be heading to the Warriors for a package involving Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Ekpe Udoh. But as of about 4pm, that rumor had cooled considerably. Says ESPN’s Marc Stein:

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So what’s going on here, exactly? A couple of educated guesses…

The Warriors are afraid of giving up a player as good/young/inexpensive as Curry without some assurance that Paul is willing to sign in Oakland long-term. They can’t expect him to sign an extension now – as several outlets have reported, under the new CBA, Paul stands to make significantly more money by getting traded now, opting out after the season, and then re-signing. But they could be looking for a wink-and-nod agreement with Paul’s reps… and that agreement might not be forthcoming.

That hesitation strikes me as very reasonable. After all, Curry plays like a future all-star and is signed through 2013-14 for about $12 million total. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to give up a player like that without a fair amount of confidence that Paul will stick around. Maybe you make that deal if you’re a veteran team that needs one more piece to make a run at a title – the Spurs or the Celtics or the Mavs. The Warriors aren’t winning a title in 2012 with or without Paul, so a rental gamble makes a lot less sense.

But why is Paul hesitant to commit? It’s possible he’s just keeping his options open.

It’s also possible that he really does want to engineer a way to join the Knicks.

And if you’re having flashbacks to 2010 and the Carmelo Anthony saga, you’re far from alone. Don’t forget, CP3 and ‘Melo are represented by the same agency.



NBA to Take Ownership of the New Orleans Hornets

The NBA will reportedly take ownership of the New Orleans Hornets some time this week in an attempt to facilitate a sale of the franchise.

Owner George Shinn had hoped to sell the team to one of his minority partners, billionaire shipbuilder Gary Chouest. But Chouest has backed away from the deal, reportedly out of concerns over the amount of time it would take to run the team as sole owner and the potential lockout that could hit after this season, and Shinn is unwilling to continue spending the money it takes to run the franchise on a day-to-day basis.

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