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Rotowire Draft Kit: Offseason Moves – Eastern Conference

With the NBA’s new CBA bringing teams closer and closer to paying bigger fines for exceeding the salary cap, player movement and contract negotiations were framed in a different light this offseason.

Couple ownership salary cap concerns with the unprecedented number of front office and coaching changes that took place this offseason, and the flood gates opened to provide a heaping helping of intrigue going into the 2013-14 season.

So, where did all of those free agents and misfit players end up up at the end of the offseason? Let’s take a look at the Eastern Conference offseason moves.

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Waiver Wire: Boozer to the Raptors?

A few weeks ago, I was predicting a fairly quiet trade deadline.

Let’s forget I said that.

It seems more and more teams will do anything in their power to avoid the league’s new-and-improved luxury tax, which escalates a lot more quickly than the old version and which includes an additional charge – dubbed the “repeater tax” on teams that exceed the threshold for too many years in a row.

In retrospect, I should have seen this coming. Fear of the tax was a big reason the Thunder traded James Harden before the season, was the primary driver of the Grizzlies’ recent trades, and is a major factor in just about every proposal that has been floated this week.

So who’s going where?

Carlos Boozer to the Raptors? The Bulls have never been shy – or particularly apologetic – about looking to economize on salaries, and it feels like they’ve been hoping to unload Boozer’s exorbitant salary since the day he arrived at the United Center. The hottest rumor has Boozer headed to Toronto in exchange for Andrea Bargnani. It’s not hard to see why Jerry Reinsdorf likes the idea; Boozer will make roughly $32 million over the next two seasons, Bargnani $23 million.

Funny thing, though – for a money deal, this one actually makes a fair amount of basketball sense. Bargnani would give the Bulls a floor-stretcher in the frontcourt, which would help create space for Derrick Rose’s drives, while Taj Gibson is already on hand to replace Boozer’s paint presence.

Toronto, meanwhile, would get a low-post scorer they haven’t had since Chris Bosh took his talents to South Beach, and (potentially) a nice complement to Rudy Gay.

Boozer is 92-percent owned – which seems about right. He’ll score and rebound but doesn’t block enough shots or shoot a stunningly-high percentage. Gibson (32-percent owned) stands to benefit significantly from the proposed deal, especially when you consider how much time Bargnani and Joakim Noah spend dealing with injuries.

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Waiver Wire: Lowry Rising

OK, raise your hand if you, like me, thought last week’s “Marreese Speights for nothing in particular” trade – which took Memphis out of luxury-tax land – meant the Grizzlies would keep their core together for the rest of this season. It’s easy to understand where you might have gotten that impression. Team management suggested as much after all.

Things didn’t work out that way though. The Grizzlies have agreed to send swingman Rudy Gay and backup center Hamed Haddadi to the Raptors in exchange for point guard Jose Calderon and forward Ed Davis. Calderon is headed to Detroit in a second deal, in exchange for Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye.

It’s more than a little bit surprising to see a team as good as the Grizzlies – just a couple games out of the third playoff seed in the West – shake things up so aggressively at midseason. New owner Michael Pera’s company has been going through a particularly rough patch on Wall Street, which may be a big reason for the sell-off.

The Grizzlies will justify the deal by saying Gay was putting up the worst numbers of his career, has never been an ideal fit in the frontcourt with Zach Randolph, and is a bit of a ball-stopper. They’ll say Prince is a better distributor and three-point shooter and that Davis will help replace Speights in the big man rotation. Sorry guys … I bought your last explanation, but I’m a bit more skeptical this time. Prince is washed-up; Davis isn’t much of an upgrade over Speights or Darrell Arthur; and Daye has yet to prove that he belongs in the league.

The deal may be just as hard to justify from Toronto’s perspective, as the Raptors are adding another high-priced player to a roster that already includes the bloated contracts of Andrea Bargnani, DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields, and Amir Johnson. Even if Gay returns to form, the Raptors won’t have a lot of financial flexibility for years to come.

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