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Waiver Wire: Injury Inquiry

At this point, it’s best to read official injury reports with the same skepticism you’d reserve for a story in The National Enquirer.

Or the New York Post.

I submit as Exhibit A the headlines out of Salt Lake concerning Mo Williams’ thumb injury. Initial reports listed Williams as "day to day," which quickly turned into "out indefinitely." Then came the dreaded "seeking a second opinion," finally leading to "surgery needed, out 6-8 weeks."

That progression is eerily similar to what we got from the Knicks after Raymond Felton hurt his hand.

New York was similarly vague when discussing Amar’e Stoudemire’s season debut. The rumor mill was abuzz that STAT would rejoin the team at the Staples Center on Christmas Day … before Stoudemire himself stepped up to say that wasn’t happening. He finally did return a week later, but he has said that he’s only about 80 percent healthy. Stoudemire may have pushed for an early return to help compensate for the losses of Felton and Rasheed Wallace (foot).

What’s a fantasy owner to do?

Getting an understanding of common basketball injuries and the associated recovery times is a great first step – Jeff Stotts’ weekly column here at RotoWire is required reading. Jeff’s explanations will enable you to look at some of the press releases with a more critical eye. Of course, that assumes that the information in said press release has some basis in reality, and that isn’t always the case.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the waiver wire – just to see what sort of players might be available should the need arise. That will be a big factor when dealing with injuries; in a shallow league, it makes little sense to hang on to a Williams or Felton through a two-month absence when a Jamaal Tinsley or Jason Kidd is there for the taking. In a deeper league, it might make more sense to try and get by with your bench until those starters are available again.

via Waiver Wire: Injury Inquiry – RotoWire.com.

Baron Davis Injury Could Impact Knicks’ Plans

Hoping the Knicks will land Baron Davis if and when Cleveland decides to cut ties? Might be time to re-consider. Davis is out indefinitely with a back injury.

Davis will not suit up for a while due to a bulging disk in his back, tweets Sam Amico of Fox Sports. For those of you med students out there, it is between L2 and L3. For those of us without medical degrees that means his lower back hurts a lot.

There is no timetable for his return.

via Baron Davis out indefinitely with bulging disk in back | ProBasketballTalk.

This could hurt the Knicks a couple of ways.

First off, it makes Davis a lot less attractive as an option, even if he is amnestied and slips through waivers. A bulging disc isn’t the sort of thing that just goes away, and given this season’s compressed schedule, it’s likely the sort of problem that will bother him all year.

Secondly, it makes the Cavs less likely to part with Ramon Sessions, a guard many would argue is a more attractive option for the Knicks than Davis anyway. If Davis can’t play, Sessions becomes the primary backup/mentor to rookie Kyrie Irving.

But another possibility may soon present itself. The Clippers have picked up Chauncey Billups via the post-amnesty waiver process. Assuming he opts to play – he has threatened to retire if claimed by a team he doesn’t want to join – Billups would make Mo Williams an amnesty candidate. And Williams would make a lot of sense for the Knicks both as a floor leader and three-point shooter.

In other news…

It seems Jamal Crawford’s decision is down to Knicks vs. Blazers. The Kings apparently made a pitch as well… for reasons that are hard to imagine, as they’re already about four-deep in scoring combo guards.

The Blazers can offer significantly more money, especially if they clear either Brandon Roy (amnesty) or Gerald Wallace (trade) off the books, and have reportedly also offered a starting job. The Knicks’ offer is limited to the $2.5 million room exception.

The Knicks are also hoping to bring back Shawne Williams. Williams might be hoping to get that same $2.5 million salary slot if Crawford signs elsewhere. The Knicks might be hoping he’s willing to work for the minimum so they can use that exception to chase another guard.

Newsday’s (soon-to-be MSG’s) Alan Hahn has hinted that one or both will make a decision as soon as tonight.