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Can the Knicks Beat Miami in a Playoff Series?

Can the Knicks beat Miami in a playoff series? Chris Perkins of Sheridan Hoops thinks so… if New York’s guards continue to protect the ball.

The Knicks, however, don’t have that turnover problem. They take care of the ball. They have guards Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd, a pair of veterans who don’t get rattled, as their main ballhandlers and decision-makers. They’re in good hands.

The other guys who put the ball on the floor frequently – forward Carmelo Anthony and guard J.R. Smith – also know how to maintain possession. They won’t give the Heat a lot of cheap scoring opportunities.

via New York Knicks could beat Miami Heat if they take care of the ball..

It’s a good point… but I think Perkins misses a key part of the equation. If New York is going to give Miami trouble in a playoff series, they’ll also need to find ways to score when Shane Battier and LeBron take Carmelo Anthony out of his comfort zone and force the offense to look elsewhere.

So who is that Plan B? Ideally, Amar’e Stoudemire will step into that role. And in the last week or so, STAT seems to be thriving in that role.

Of course, the Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings have very little in common with Team LeBron.