Working the Wire: Mr. “Right Now”

With two weeks – and less than ten games per team – remaining, don’t approach the waiver wire looking for guys who are playing well.

At this point, “playing” is the primary concern.

In one of my leagues, the difference between second place and fifth is so slight, I’ve actually resorted to making roster moves based on which teams are playing on a given night. The Thursday schedule this week is typically thin – the only teams going are Orlando and Dallas and Portland and Denver. Unfortunately,  my team is short on Magics and Mavs and Blazers and Nuggets – but less so now that I’ve placed a waiver claim on Roddy Beaubois.

I had to drop a better player to do it. But I’d rather have a chance of getting production than to simply sit out the evening.

If you plan on using a similar strategy, take note… next Thursday, April 8, the only teams playing will be Cleveland, Chicago, the Clippers, the Kings, the Lakers and the Nuggets. So grabbing the best available Nugget this week actually gets you a player you can plug in next week as well. Chris Andersen (11.5% owned) and Ty Lawson (9.2%) might be worth a look.

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